Brain waves can be manipulated through your eyes. The Brainwave Flasher uses strobing to influence the speed of your brain. Use the guide below to choose the brain state you wish to create, enter the frequency, and begin. Keep your eyes closed and relax your body from head to toe. After you are completely relaxed, affirm the change you wish to create. Tip: Use the words, "I am...". Then get ready for your dreams to come true!

The Brainwave Flasher works best when used in conjunction with Optimindzation.

15 to 7 Hz

Lucid Dreaming State
This state is used for hypnosis. Use this for visualization and mental programming.

7 to 4 Hz

Dreaming State
This state is used for deep hypnosis.
Use this for creating altered-states and for mental programming.

4 to .5 Hz

Deep Dreemless Sleep
"The Spiritual Emptiness State"

This state is said to be when we connect with the unmanifest. Use this for deep meditation or sleep induction.

30 to 15 Hz

Waking State
Use this when you need energy or a good buzz :)

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